Strategic Plan

United Way of Coastal Georgia improves lives in our community by promoting giving, advocating and volunteering in the areas of education, income stability and health.


Implement the United Way goals of improving education, helping people achieve financial stability, and promoting healthy lives.


To become the acknowledged expert for achieving positive impact in areas identified as critical to Coastal Georgia.

Action Plan

  • Commit to and implement a single business model that drives impact AND increases revenue;
  • Develop and leverage a plan to significantly increase giving of high worth individuals (+$10,000 gifts);
  • Leverage the UW brand to deliver on the promise of quality, scale and efficiency;
  • Increase awareness of information and referral services so that the community will know how to gain access to agencies and programs;
  • Revitalize the volunteer center to help connect people and agencies, optimizing volunteer resources;
  • Re-evaluate/redesign Partner Agency funding policies;
  • Fund strategic initiatives established by the Board of Directors;
  • Establish clear expectations and accountability.

Focus Planning by age Group

0-6 Years Old

  • Support collaborative efforts to increase educational preschool programs that reach more low-income children.

  • Examine opportunities to partner with public and private sectors.

7-12 Years Old

  • Support affordable after school and summer educational programs.

  • Focus on maintaining math and reading skills.

13-17 Years Old

  • Collaborate with existing agencies to develop a comprehensive plan.

  • Support programs that enhance continuing education and job training (ex.: Internship programs, work/education related field trips).

18-24 Years Old

  • Collaborate with existing agencies and infrastructure to develop comprehensive plan which, when implemented, will result in decreased number of individuals in the age group of 18 to 24 years of age that are neither in school or working.