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Success Stories

Amity House


“Thank you with everything I have in me, I deeply thank you. It was a hard decision to leave – many thing were unknown – where would we live? How would I support us alone? How could I afford it legally? What steps should I take to stay safe? You were there for it all. The worries, tears, set backs, accomplishments. It’s not over yet, but I’m further than I ever imagined. 

I can never thank you or the Amity House enough. You have helped the girls and myself get our happiness & safety back.

Thank you for being willing to share your story with me and letting me share and continue to share mine. Thank you for showing me that beauty still exits within me and that I’ve got this.

Thank you for simply everything. You are a blessing, thank you for believing in me.”

Boys and Girls Club


“Before I came to the Club, I was really shy. For example, I used to sit in the back of the class and would never ready out loud or stand in front of the class to give presentations. The Club gave me the confidence to do those sorts of things. Another reason the Club changed my life is that is made me more active. I loathed going outside. Before attending I usually wouldn’t go outside for long periods of time. The Club encouraged me to play and do more physical games. This really helped me be more active and healthier. Even though it was a rough start, everything worked out fine.”

Grace House

K. graduated from Grace House after a full year in our program! K. has made significant progress in her recovery and has made a drastic transformation from the person she was when she walked through the doors. At 24 years old, she had lost everything to her addiction to pills and heroin including custody of her one-year old daughter. Unable to provide for her newborn, DFCS had to intervene to protect her daughter and it motivated K. to ask for help and truly start the healing journey. She has grown into a strong, responsible, and accountable young woman who has passion for her new life and the maturity needed to be the best mother to her daughter that she can be. She has accepted the help offered to her with an open-mind and has been willing to do the hard work necessary to take responsibility for her addiction. We are confident that with all that K. has accomplished and learned, she is equipped with the tools she needs to maintain long-term sobriety and provide stable living conditions for herself and her daughter.

Safe Harbor

The Safe Harbor Children’s Advocacy Center was in the process of serving a child and family that was originally referred for the child witnessing a shooting incident. The child had an emergency forensic interview in the middle of the night. Soon after the forensic interview, the mother reported to the victim advocate that her child was having night terrors, sleep walking, and was unable to identify and process the emotions he felt. At the Child Advocacy Center, the child received Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to assist in processing what was he witnessed. Currently, the child no longer has difficulty sleeping, he is able to identify a wide range of emotions, and can cope with those emotions in healthy ways. 

STAR Foundation

P., a single mother of four, completed the STAR Foundation’s 2019 Employment Readiness course. She entered our program unemployed and discouraged. During the six-week course, P. learned to set goals for herself and hold herself accountable. Upon graduation, she was able to interview successfully and landed job. P. has also started to pursue her educational goal of a business management degree with Strayer University. STAR’s program empowered P. and she is now employed, confident and has skills to help her provide for her family.