United Way of Coastal Georgia improves lives in our community by promoting giving, advocating and volunteering in the areas of education, income stability and health.


Reduce the percentage of 16 to 24-year-olds that are neither in school or working (22% in 2019).


Develop a comprehensive plan in collaboration with agencies that provides workforce development and training from “cradle to career”.

Action Plan

  • Meet with agencies to share the vision and gain commitment
  • Drive collaboration among agencies and leverage resources to develop a plan that optimizes workforce development, both long and short term.
  • Identify quantifiable targets for each agency.
  • Fund agencies based on achievement of agreed upon targets.
  • Support agencies that collaborate to achieve agreed upon goals.
  • Ensure agencies/programs are adequately staffed with volunteers.
  • Revitalize UWCGA volunteer center to develop a robust community/volunteer action network.

Focus Planning by age Group

0-6 Years Old

  • Support collaborative efforts to increase educational preschool programs that reach more low-income children.

  • Examine opportunities to partner with public and private sectors.

7-12 Years Old

  • Support affordable after school and summer educational programs.

  • Focus on maintaining math and reading skills.

13-17 Years Old

  • Collaborate with existing agencies to develop a comprehensive plan.

  • Support programs that enhance continuing education and job training (ex.: Internship programs, work/education related field trips).

18-24 Years Old

  • Collaborate with existing agencies and infrastructure to develop comprehensive plan which, when implemented, will result in decreased number of individuals in the age group of 18 to 24 years of age that are neither in school or working.