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Leadership Giving

Thank you to our generous Leadership Level donors!


The Alexis de Tocqueville Society was inspired by the French historian who wrote about Americans’ unique spirit of voluntary association and voluntary effort for the common good. It is designed to deepen the understanding, commitment, and support of individuals to United Way and to recognize the commitment to service. Membership in the Society is granted to donors giving $10,000 or more annually to United Way.

Members are truly leaders and part of an elite network building up our community through giving. Becoming a Tocqueville member reveals strong character and shows that you are dedicated to making a better world for others. 

2022 Alexis de Tocqueville Society Members

Anne Camp
Alice Glenn
Kathy and Jim Hickey
Jeanne Kaufmann
Wick Moorman
Reg and Diana Murphy
Hank and Wendy Paulson
Jane and Joe Prendergast
Buddy Redd
Eric and Sally Robinson
Kathleen and Mike Scherneck
Anne and Bill Stembler
Monica and Hugo Warns
Marcy and Robert Wolpe

Chairman’s Circle Leadership Giving

Chairman’s Circle members are the core of our giving leadership. These members demonstrate a deep commitment to making our community a better place by giving between $1,000 and $9,999 annually. They set a standard for community leadership that strengthens the fabric of our region. 

2022 Chairman’s Circle Members

We are excited that 91 members of our Coastal Georgia community chose to support UWCGA as members of the Chairman’s Circle. For a complete list please click the button below.