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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • How is our United Way connected to United Way in other cities?

    Each United Way is an independent and self-governing organization tied to each other through the desire to provide each of our communities with a chance at a better future. The money raised by United Way of Coastal Georgia stays in Camden, Glynn, and McIntosh counties.

  • What is the United Way of Coastal Georgia’s Overhead?

    Our overhead is well below the national average: The Better Business Bureau’s  20 Standards for Charity Accountability suggest fundraising costs should not exceed 35% and total fundraising and administrative costs should not exceed 50% of total income. United Way of Coastal Georgia is proud to operate below 26%. We keep our expenses low by committing to organizational efficiency and continuously looking at ways to reduce costs and eliminate waste; relying on volunteer support and in-kind contributions from partners. In short, United Way minimizes costs to give donor dollars the greatest community impact.

  • Does United Way fund the same agencies every year?

    United Way of Coastal Georgia provides annual grants, not lifelong entitlements. The Community Investment process is open to any agency that meets eligibility criteria for program funding. This allows United Way to fund the best available programs to address the needs of the community. Grant funding is made possible through United Way’s diverse resource development efforts.

Contributions & Donations

  • Who decides where my contribution goes?

    The Community Investment Committee, which consists of community volunteers, serves as the eyes and ears in deciding how to invest allocated dollars. They consider the needs of the community and the overall impact of the agencies when making their funding recommendations.

  • How does an agency or organization become a United Way funding partner?

    Any registered not-for-profit agency that provides health and human services to the people of Camden, Glynn, and McIntosh counties and meets identified critical community needs may apply for United Way funding and become a Partner Agency. Prior to the beginning of each new funding cycle, United Way issues a Request for Proposals (RFP). In order to receive funding, programs must complete the application and go through the evaluation process conducted by the Community Investment Committee. If the committee recommends the agency receive grant funding, they become a United Way Partner Agency.

  • Does United Way give money to church-affiliated agencies?

    Agency programs are available to anyone regardless of race, creed, or religion. United Way would only fund health and human service programs within church-affiliated agencies. It does not fund any religious activities of the organization.
  • How do you know the money you give to United Way is being used effectively?

    The United Way of Coastal Georgia considers itself as an investor, collaborator, and convener of the best agencies within Camden, Glynn, and McIntosh counties. Our Community Investment Committee and members of our Board of Directors are involved in every step of our community investment plan.

    United Way of Coastal Georgia’s Financial Report and Form 990 can be found here. Additionally, we are a rated non-profit organization on Charity Navigator.

  • Why not just donate directly to an agency?

    United Way of Coastal Georgia’s greatest strength is the ability to allow donors to address a broad range of human service needs in their own community with one single gift. There are many valuable non-profit organizations in Camden, Glynn, and McIntosh counties. However, The United Way of Coastal Georgia places itself at the heart of non-profit functions in these counties. United Way holds an intricate understanding of the problems and needs of the community. With that knowledge, we can effectively and efficiently allocate donations to meet the critical needs in our community.

  • I never use agency services. Why should I give?

    The strength of a community is directly influenced by the health and well-being of its residents. Every day, United Way-supported programs help people – including some who may be your friends and neighbors – improve their lives. Your financial and volunteer support ensures that help is available for someone who needs it now or in the future.
  • Can I designate my gift? I prefer to support one or two agencies directly.

    Yes, donations over $250 may be designated to the Partner Agency of your choice. However, by donating to the United Way Community Fund, your contribution supports all of our partner agencies which meet various human service needs to better the community.
  • Are United Way donations tax-deductible and do I automatically get a receipt for my donation?

    You will receive an acknowledgment letter from United Way of Coastal Georgia when you make a donation, whether through a one-time gift or payroll deduction. A copy of the cancelled check and the acknowledgement together act as evidence of a donation for purpose of a tax return.

    If you made your gift through payroll deductions, a receipt is not necessary. Those contributing through payroll deduction in their workplace should keep a copy of their signed pledge and maintain their last pay stub of the tax year or form W-2 from their employer that summarizes the amount withheld for the United Way during their tax year.

  • Is personal information from donors protected?

    Absolutely. We respect the privacy of our donors and do not rent, trade, or sell this information. Information provided by donors is used only to properly credit their contribution and communicate about United Way and related program information.

  • If I become unemployed sometime after making my pledge, am I obligated to pay my entire pledge?

    No, you are not obligated to pay the balance of your pledge. However, cancelling a pledge is discouraged.

  • How can I continue to give to United Way after I retire?

    Many contributors continue to support United Way of Coastal Georgia after they retire, and we hope you will too. The United Way maintains partnerships with donors through a broad array of giving options including Philanthropic Funds, gifts of appreciated stock, special gifts and a variety of planned-giving opportunities. Your generosity of time, resources, and skills is appreciated. United Way wants to continue partnering with you in making a significant difference in the lives that need it most. Through your continued leadership, United Way makes it happen. Please call United Way at 912-265-1850 for more information.


  • How can I get help from a United Way agency?

    United Way has an information and referral service that can connect you to resources that can help. Please call 912-265-1850 x1 for assistance. Your call will be confidential. We are happy to get you the help and resources you need through one of our initiatives or those of our partner agencies. For more information about finding help in your community, check the Community Resources page here.

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