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Ellen Murphy, Executive Director writes this when ask to give our readers insight on STAR Foundation’s Employment Readiness Program: I decided to send excerpts from an assignment that we asked our recent class of graduates to complete: “What STAR has meant to me”.) To me, these examples of their reflections of the past 8 weeks are as important as telling an experience of someone who is working or going to college.

Those will follow

Star has meant a lot to me. It has changed my life and has given me the opportunity to meet new people and has opened me up to so new ideas and new aspects of life. It’s has brought me into a new way thinking and be involved with the community and even how to react to different situations that I on the other hand would have reacted differently in. Becoming a star student has motivated me to take control in my life and the life of my child. Star has shown me that there’s new opportunity within you just got to take charge and go for it. Star has made me a new person thanks to all the love and affection from the teachers and the people they have in their lives that were willingly to come help with us [volunteers]. I appreciate everything greatly.

Being a part of the STAR Foundation has been an awesome experience for me for many different reasons. The teachers show so much love and encouragement to their students. Letting us know, they really care about what they do here. Also, meeting new friends and the closeness we have shared like personal situations. Most of all we found out who we really are and what we could contribute and receive in this life. I consider this whole experience to have been one of the greatest opportunities in my life. I have so much to be thankful for. Ok I am not sure how to start this but…here I go. At the beginning of STAR I was shy and quiet and did not know any of my classmates, also somewhat had a negative outlook on some things in life. Now that I have been in the program I have learned to be positive about pretty much everything, I have met new people that I have no problems with, and I have learned a lot about the computer as well. Ms. Katie and Ms. Ellen have been both wonderful teachers and amazing friends also great guidance counselors. They have really taught me a lot more than just computer skills. My classmates have been great friends and teachers as well. We all have gotten along so great, and that is hard to find, a group of mostly women being around each other so much.

I haven’t yet found the job that I want to do, but I have confidence and I know with the skills I have now I will find the job I want and go on to finish college to be a medical assistant!!!

What STAR meant to me was coming here and learning how to use the computer and how to type. Getting to know everybody. Learning a lot about life, and how to handle it. Take the step in life and push forward. To strive every day. I learned that life is to short to worrying about small simple and little things. Star has meant a lot to me because, I came in little experience and low self-esteem and now I have self- confidantes. I am very happy that I took this class. And I want to thank Mrs. Katie and Mrs. Ellen for making this happened for me. Without them I would have not taken this class. I would have been sitting home, gaining weight and getting sicker. STAR has help me move forward and made things possible for me.

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